Dallas Cowboys Final 7-Round Mock Draft Prediction: Reloading the offense

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With the 117th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select

Scouting Report. Virginia. 123. Pick Analysis. TE. Jelani Woods. 117. player

Dallas Cowboys trade picks 129 and 167 for the Jets 117th pick

There are reasons to believe the Dallas Cowboys will be targeting a TE in the fourth round here. Many of their visits were TEs slotted in that 3-4 range and they could very well be waiting to see which one slips through the cracks.

If Jelani Woods, the best of that bunch, falls into the fourth round (far from a sure thing), I see them moving up a bit to get him. Ruckert, Otton, and Likely are also options here and I don’t think the Cowboys are overly concerned which one they get – just that they get one.

Schultz is playing on a one-year deal so whoever the selection is will need to play TE2 in 2022 and be ready to take the top spot by 2023.

Jelani is a massive human being. At 6-foot-7, 253 lbs, the former QB stands out on the field. His 34.5 inch arms and 83 inch wingspan are almost impossible to defend. His long legs make him deceptively fast and the power in which he plays makes him a tough tackle.

Woods isn’t a great blocker but he’s willing and given his size he should be able to be a functional blocker with a chance to grow considerably. He has an enormous catch radius and over 70% of his balls resulted in a first down or touchdown.