Dallas Cowboys 2022 NFL Draft: 5 Surprising Predictions

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The 2022 NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow and the Dallas Cowboys are locked, loaded, and ready to hit it with guns blazing. The past two seasons they’ve knocked it out of the park, snagging Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs, Osa Odighizuwa, and CeeDee Lamb, just to name a few.

That doesn’t mean things went according to plan, though. Last season, Dallas was focused on CB in the first round. Only after the top-two options were taken did Dallas trade back and concede Parsons. The year before that they were honed in on K’Lavon Chaisson. Only after CeeDee Lamb fell to them did they deviate from the plan (and avoid disaster).

Surprises happen and the Dallas Cowboys usually deal with those surprises quite well. Today I’m going to make a few bold predictions regarding the Dallas Cowboys Draft. And we start with the “Jerry Jones Special.”

Prediction No. 1: The Dallas Cowboys will be looking to trade

Jerry Jones loves to wheel and deal, and his inner oilman tends to come out over draft weekend each year. While other teams are known to move around more often than Dallas, Jerry always makes sure the Cowboys are open to any and all trade opportunities.

This year is certainly no different. In fact, it’s the Dallas Cowboys who telling everyone they are open to the idea of trading. Historically, Dallas has been far more likely to trade back than move up but this year could be different.

Dallas’ 30-visits consisted of multiple players who will likely go in the top-15 indicating they are entertaining the idea of going up in round one. Round two is no different; with so many visits graded in the 1-2 range, Dallas will be considering a trade up from their second round pick.

The way this draft cycle looks this year, is far more teams want to move back in the draft than move up in the draft. That provides the perfect opportunity to move up and pay below market prices.