Dallas Cowboys 2022 Draft Grades: Fan anger/coach jubilee/time will tell

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With the 129 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select

Jake Ferguson, TE


6-foot-5, 250lbs.

The Dallas Cowboys always intended to pick a tight end with their fourth pick, the only question was who. With their favorite TE off the board, the Cowboys went down their list selecting the highest TE left on their board.

Predestined positions and players was a theme of the draft. The Cowboys entered the weekend on auto-draft, refusing to adjust to situation and staying steadfast in their blueprint the Cowboys scooped up a Dalton Schultz starter kit with Jake Ferguson.


Ferguson isn’t flashy in any way but he’s well-rounded and well-seasoned and can come in and compete for TE2 on Day 1. He’s a willing blocker and an able pass-catcher. He has virtually no breakaway speed but can make contested catches and make plays if he needs to.

Ferguson projects as a traditional in-line TE who could take over TE1 duties in 2023 when Schultz becomes a free agent again. His floor is high but his ceiling is limited making him a low-risk/modest-reward player in the fourth round.

From a positional need perspective, the Cowboys had to address TE here. They pushed the position in favor of more valuable positions for three rounds. They played the situation wisely even if they hoped for a different TE.

Pick 129 Grade: B-