Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agency 2022: Who are these guys?

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Every year after the NFL Draft teams start to scour the undrafted free agents looking to add to the roster and hoping to find diamonds in the rough. Famously Tony Romo was an undrafted free agent who made a massive impact for the Dallas Cowboys, so finding really good players is possible. Not every player will be a high-impact starter, some will be around for depth, some will find a home on special teams, and some will float around the league. However, each signed player has a shot, and sometimes that is all they need.

After what appears to be a very polarizing draft for the Dallas Cowboys within the fanbase, the Cowboys set out to find their diamonds. We will break them down here with positives, negatives, and fit for the Cowboys. Filling holes seemed to be a huge target for the Dallas Cowboys and it continued following the draft.

Who are the undrafted free agents for the Dallas Cowboys in 2022? Well, we will answer that here with a breakdown of each player.

With more possible players to be signed like camp arms at quarterback, we are listing as of this write-up. Keep in mind as you roll through I have tried to find as much tape and notes on each player as I can. The positives and negatives are a combination of what I see and what others that have watched them have seen. For each player, I will include how I believe they can fit with the team based on what I know. With that all said, let’s get to the players.