Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agency 2022: Who are these guys?

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Malik Davis, RB, Florida

The Dallas Cowboys as pervious stated have decisions at running back. Davis is a bit of a developmental back with some ability to run between the tackles. He has lower usage which could help him be part of a stable over time. He will need to work on his game on the practice squad early.

Davis is a one-cut runner who is decisive when hitting a hole. Breaks out of arm tackles to get extra yards if a defender takes a bad angle. He has good hands as a pass catcher and has lined up split out. Ball security is exceptional and did not have a fumble in college.

Davis is not going to outrun a lot of people, and he isn’t going to run over a lot of people either. When hit with a decent shot he rarely maintains balance. More of a between the tackle runner who doesn’t create much more than asked and doesn’t make a lot of people miss.