Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agency 2022: Who are these guys?

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Isaac Taylor-Stuart, CB, USC

With some questions looming at cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys over the next season or two, adding to the depth now is a good idea. With a focus on speed, Taylor-Stuart fits the role to a “T” and has the physical traits to hope to develop. Practice squad should be his starting point, but his ability to play on special teams could help him get on the roster quicker.

Taylor-Stuart is a very fast, and long, player at cornerback. He turns well and explodes covering ground quickly to stay with receivers. He has the ability to press and recover with an urgency which helps his leverage throughout the route. Rarely panics throughout a route when in a trail position.

Taylor-Stuart needs better overall recognition which would help his game quite a bit. His overall technique is a mess and will need both refinement and consistency. He bites way more than he should which has caused him to give up big plays. Not a lot of ball production even with his speed and length.