Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agency 2022: Who are these guys?

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Storey Jackson, LB, Liberty

While the three starters are pretty well set for the Dallas Cowboys, there was a huge question when it came to depth. Knowing the Cowboys want to use Micah Parsons as more of a tool to rush the passer, the more depth the team has the more possibilities it could open up to use Parsons. Jackson has some admirable traits and a year on the practice squad could do wonders.

Jackson is an absolute monster when it comes to making contact. He looks to hit the ball carrier with as much force as he can muster. Shoots gaps really well looking to disrupt running and passing lanes. Smart player who is always looking for the ball in run defense through the bodies.

Jackson is more of a point A to point B kind of player and doesn’t change directions all that smoothly. Will reach to make a tackle instead of always getting in front of it. As hard of a hitter as Jackson is, once he has made contact he is thrown completely off, which shows up when block on rushes. Will always look for the hit and not the tackle. In coverage,he does better in zone than trying to stay in route with a receiver.