Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agency 2022: Who are these guys?

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James Empey, Center, BYU

The Dallas Cowboys are still looking for depth on the offensive line and Empey is one of those developmental offensive linemen teams look to grab after the draft. With backup center up for grabs, Empey brings in competition at a spot of need. Injuries may hurt him long-term, but if healthy he could be worth stashing.

Empey is a smart center who understands adjustments well. He has adequate size for the position, and center is probably his best position option. He has a good sink to his hips to create a wide and stout base. He is always looking to engage and moves his feet well to find a defender and when engaged.

Empey has battled an ankle injury for the past two seasons so durability is a red flag. While his hands are strong they are not violent and aren’t consistent with punching. He is more of a lock-up blocker than a finisher which sometimes comes back to haunt him. Has the size, but not the length and it shows up on film.