Dallas Cowboys UDFA Alec Lindstrom should push Tyler Biadasz at center

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The Dallas Cowboys may have a competition brewing at the center position this summer. Not often a undrafted free agent has a chance to challenge a two-year starter for the top role, but that could be what we have going on between veteran Tyler Biadasz and rookie UDFA (undrafted free agent) Alec Lindstrom.

Tyler Biadasz came to the Dallas Cowboys with an abnormal amount of fanfare considering he was just a fourth round pick. But after losing All-Pro Travis Frederick a month earlier, Cowboys Nation was thirsty for their next great center. And another decorated middle-man from Wisconsin seemed like the perfect replacement.

In retrospect, the hype and expectations for Biadasz was probably more than a bit unfair. Travis Frederick was an elite prospect technically, athletically, and mentally, Tyler Biadasz is just one of those, at the most.

Biadasz’s average athletic traits get exposed from time to time on the field. And his knowledge of the game is severely lacking. This has opened him up to criticism and possibly even replacement.

Even though Alec Lindstrom is undrafted, he has a chance of supplanting Tyler Biadasz at center on the Dallas Cowboys.

Whether it’s this year or the next, Alec Lindstrom has a chance at beating out Tyler Biadasz if Biadasz doesn’t take the next step.

Alec Lindstrom was one of the smartest centers in football last season. The 36-game starter has built a reputation on his intelligence and leadership. What he lacked in those draftable physical traits that scouts drool over, he made for in wits and accurate calls at the line.

If Lindstrom can develop a little more physically, he could challenge for a role this year and maybe even the starting spot in 2023

And that’s where he’s most valuable to the Dallas Cowboys. Tyler Biadasz has struggled calling out blocking assignments in the pros. Even though centers are traditionally tasked with it, it’s been the right guard Zack Martin who’s been making most of the calls for the Dallas Cowboys. Even when Zack missed a week last season, it was his replacement, Connor McGovern, who came in to make the calls.

This type of dysfunctional role-swap would be one thing if Biadasz was out there physically dominating at the line, but Biadasz has yet to establish himself as a physical presence in the middle. While he improved as his second season wore on, he’s still not in above-average territory.

Lindstrom isn’t going to wow anyone with his physical traits in the middle either, but he’s functional and when blended with his intelligence and blocking calls, he could exceed Biadasz’s output sometime in the near future.

As a prospect, Tyler Biadasz projected as a better player than Lindstrom. But Biadasz hasn’t advanced as quickly as we thought he would and his knowledge isn’t doing his physical limitations any favors. If Lindstrom can develop a little more physically, he could challenge for a role this year and maybe even the starting spot in 2023.

With Biadasz’s struggles, and the addition of Lindstrom, center is one of the most unstable positions on the Dallas Cowboys heading into 2022. But it should be a competition that brings out the best in everyone.

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