Mavericks Nico Harrison conjures up Christian Wood from nothing

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With all due respect to our beloved Boban, Nico Harrison scored the Dallas Mavericks a top-10 starting center for basically nothing. Say what you will about Christian Wood and his defensive deficiencies, but anytime you get something for nothing, you call it a win.

On Wednesday night the Dallas Mavericks traded Boban Marjanovic, Trey Burke, Sterling Brown, Marquese Chriss, and the 26th pick to Houston for big man, Christian Wood. Wood, someone the Mavs have had an eye on for years, figures to be the Mavs starting center from Day 1. His ability to stretch the floor (shot 39 percent from deep last season) get rebounds (averaged nearly 10 per) and roll to the rim, make him the perfect offensive center for Luka Doncic.

As mentioned, Wood’s defense leaves something to be desired. He’ll need to buy what Jason Kidd is selling in order to maximize his return. Christian Wood comes with red flags. He was never bought into the system in Houston and his effort and attitude showed it. That can’t happen in Dallas.

For Houston this was an “addition by subtraction” situation. Their rebuilding efforts didn’t need Wood’s 20 points/10 rebounds per game. Not when they are trying to build a culture and shape their future.

It will be on Jason Kidd to make this work.

Nico Harrison conjured up something for nothing when he scored the Mavericks Christian Wood in a blockbuster trade

The Mavericks success last season was largely because of the attitude and commitment from the roster. Players fully bought into Kidd’s defense and it propelled the Mavs to the Western Conference Finals.

Wood, entering the last year in his contract, will be especially motivated to make it work in Dallas. At 26-years-old, it’s his best chance at scoring a mammoth contract. Never underestimate the motivation of a contract year.

The reason this is such a ginormous win for Nico Harrison, is what he gave up. He essentially traded odd pieces who weren’t even in the rotation for a starting center with All-Star potential. It’s a low risk/high reward situation, and that’s what every NBA GM is looking for.

Wood gives the Mavs more flexibility in their line-ups next season and instantly becomes the top option with the most flexibility.

What happens next will likely revolve around Jalen Brunson. The breakout player of last season is a free agent and the Mavs are expected to keep him around. Pushed up against the cap, there was never much the Mavs could do this year to address the center spot. Getting Wood for nothing is about as good of a situation as anyone could have imagined.

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Keep it up Nico.