Dallas Cowboys tougher player to replace: Amari Cooper or Randy Gregory?

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The Dallas Cowboys lost two major pieces to their team this past offseason when they sent their RDE1 and their WR1 packing. Amari Cooper, Dallas’ top receiver, was traded to Cleveland and Randy Gregory, the starting right defensive end, was lost in an embarrassing contract battle between his agent and the Denver Broncos

Both players played key roles on the Dallas Cowboys and both will be replaced by less pedigreed and largely unproven options.

Will Randy Gregory or Amari Cooper be a tougher players for the Dallas Cowboys to replace this season

The Dallas Cowboys shied away from making major investments in free agency. Instead of replacing Cooper and Gregory with a single respective player, they opted to take a committee approach made up of low level free agents, rookies, and internal options.

This not only clouds the waters regarding how the production is replaced, but who and to what extent. The division of labor isn’t the only question, some production may just go unfilled. A decline in production wouldn’t be a surprise given the quality of players lost. One or both of these players may turn out to be irreplaceable.

To argue this matter we turn to Sport DFW Cowboys writers, Dan Ruppert and Steven Johnston. Dan will make the case that Amari Cooper is the harder player to replace Steven will argue that Randy Gregory will be harder to replace.