Dallas Cowboys: 5 major gambles that will determine their season

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Dallas Cowboys Gamble No. 1: WHAT IF DAK PRESCOTT COMES BACK 100%?

Let’s start with the biggest factor that exists in the Dallas Cowboys realm of “what if’s?”

The way we’ve seen a healthy Dak Prescott play in 2020 and 2021 is scary good. At times, out of scary necessity as well.

Prior to his devastating leg injury in 2020, Prescott was lighting the world on fire, but was doing so because the team was constantly falling behind early. Way behind. Fast forward to the 2021 season.

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense were rolling. They looked unstoppable until they hosted the Denver Broncos. Dak had already been playing with a lingering shoulder issue from camp in the pre season, but that largely was a non factor. At the end of the game against the New England Patriots, Prescott sustained a calf injury on the final play of the game on a walk off touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb.

Though he had games where he put up spectacular numbers, it was apparent he just wasn’t the same guy.  Things weren’t operating the same way.

Now throughout Mini Camp’s and OTA’s we are hearing rumbles that Dak Prescott is back to being 100% and that could mean big trouble for the rest of the division.


Health is impossible to predict, but you could argue every little pull, strain or tear that Prescott sustained in 2021 can be traced back to his healing leg injury from 2020. When your body has to compromise in order for another part of your body to heal it can put extra stress in other areas.

Because Dak’s leg is now completely healthy and all other areas heal along with it as well, the most likely outcome is Prescott should be back to early 2020 form.