5 key dates Dallas Stars fans should circle on the calendar

Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports /

The NHL released their season schedule last week and we want to know what that means for the Dallas Stars. Actually, the better question to explore is what does it mean for the fans?

Let’s be honest. We know what it means for the Stars. They’re going to play the same teams they play every year, just on different dates and in a different order.

That being said, though, every year it’s fun to project ahead and look at matchups that fans should circle on their calendar. This year is no different as the Dallas Stars will play certain teams that every fan should be excited to watch.

What teams dates should Dallas Stars fans circle on their calendar?

1. October 13: @ Nashville Predators

Dallas Stars fans don’t have a long time to wait before circling their calendar. Look no further than the very first game of the season. If you want, go ahead and circle the second game too (also against the Predators).

Ever since Dallas and Nashville played in the playoffs during the 2018-2019 season, they have enjoyed a healthy rivalry against each other. This includes January 1, 2020 at during the Winter Classic game at the Cotton Bowl. Opening the season against each other for a home-and-home series should be a fun way to kick off the season.

2. November 15: @ Tampa Bay Lightning

It’s hard to think of another Eastern Conference team right now that Dallas Stars fans hate more than the Lightning. Perhaps the Detroit Red Wings fit into that discussion since they used to be in the Western Conference.

Ever since Dallas lost to the Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final in 2020, there’s been a bitter taste in Stars fans’ mouths. Not only did the Lightning win the Cup that year, but they won it the next season and went to the Final again this year. Even though it’s not for the championship, it’s always fun when these two hook up.

3. November 21: Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche have just shown the hockey world how it is to be done. Start with some younger guys and build a team around them. That’s what happened this season. For several years, the Avs lost in the second round of the playoffs and this season all the hard work payed off as they hoisted the Stanley Cup Final.

The Dallas Stars want to be that next team. They have some young players to build around and they want to be that team that builds a championship team the right way. Every time they play the Avs they can be reminded of what happens when you stick with your goals.

4. January 4: Calgary Flames

Perhaps the Calgary Flames have put themselves in position to be that team this year that Dallas Stars fans hate the most. After the seven-game series this year in the first round of the playoffs, Dallas and its fans watched certain players for the Flames become instant enemies.

Thanks to the play of Jake Oettinger the Stars were able to extend the series. A lot of hard hits and hard feelings were felt on the ice and I would imagine games this year against these two teams will be something no fan will want to miss.

January 16: Vegas Golden Knights

Perhaps there wasn’t a more disappointing team this past year than the Golden Knights. It made it even more interesting for a Stars perspective that Dallas had to fight them off for a wild card spot.

I’m not sure if this year will see the same fate but as we saw this past year every game against the Golden Knights could be critical moving towards the playoffs.

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