Cowboys: The pressure is on Chauncey Golston to flash quickly in camp

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Pop quiz: when you think of the Dallas Cowboys third round picks from 2021, who comes to mind first? Chances are Osa Odighizuwa is the man who’s thought of the most frequently. He started off his rookie season red hot, offering one of the best pressure rates in the class – all from the interior defensive line.

If not Osa, it’s probably Nahshon Wright who comes to mind. Wright, the 6-foot-4 cornerback from Oregon State, was probably the most controversial pick of the Dallas Cowboys entire draft class. He made headlines for all the wrong reasons but they were headlines nonetheless.

The third rounder from 2021 who’s flying under most radar is likely Chauncey Golston. Golston, picked right between Osa and Nahshon at pick 84, is a classic middle child. Not as heralded as the overachieving first, and not as controversial or bemoaned as the last, he’s overlooked and taken for granted.

Chauncey Golston should play a useful role on the Dallas Cowboys defensive line this year

At 6-foot-4 270lbs, Golston is a long and reliable run stopper who can be used inside and out. He’s a hardworking lineman with quickness to his game. He can rush from a 2-point, 3-point, or even 4-point stance, giving Dan Quinn a handful of ways to utilize him.

Statistically, Golston didn’t do much last season. Playing 422 snaps (41%), he was used as both an end and as a tackle, logging just 10 pressures and one sack. Drafted as a run defender, Golston was curiously used in more passing situations than running (258 to 164).

If the Cowboys want to maximize his effectiveness they’ll want to flip those numbers and use him more in running situations in 2022. He’s a high-floor/low-ceiling player who’s never going to pack the stat sheet but he also won’t have much trouble locking in a role on the team as a versatile run defender.

Chauncey Golston and Terall Basham are similar players who are slotted for similar roles. There’s a good chance only one will make the team and based on age, money, and controllability, Golston probably has the inside track.

But the Cowboys defensive line has a log-jam of rotational talent and Golston is going to have to establish a role right away or risk getting lost in the shuffle. Time is key for Golston in Oxnard

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What do you expect to see from Golston this season?