Dallas Cowboys: Is WR Cole Beasley a useful addition?

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At this point in the Dallas Cowboys offseason (it’s still offseason until the pads come on), there isn’t much out there in free agency.  Everyone on the market has warts. Whether its behavioral, age, injury, vaccination status, whatever, something is preventing these players from already being on someone’s roster.

So when Stephen Jones mentions in the Cowboys opening presser in Oxnard, that he’s keeping “the powder dry” in case a veteran free agent is needed, Cowboys Nation erupted in a group “whoopty frickin’ doo.”

Cole Beasley wants to play with the Dallas Cowboys so should they give him a shot?

The receiver position is a documented position of need. We’ve harped on the issue all offseason and the problem threatens to have a major impact early in the season. As it stands now, the Cowboys will be without three of their top-four WRs from last season. Only CeeDee Lamb is expected to suit up in Week 1 and the only proven replacement piece is James Washington – a guy who has been hurt all summer and someone we haven’t seen anything from.

Cue Cole Beasley

Former Dallas Cowboys slot receiver, Cole Beasley, happens to be sitting on the free agent market. The reason he’s there is literally all of the issues we discussed in the opening paragraph (maybe not injury). But he’s a proven entity who has always had a knack for getting open so why the h-e-double hockey sticks not, right?

As great as it feels to reunite with an ex, you inevitably realize quite quickly, exactly why you’re exes in the first place. I imagine that would be especially true for a reunion with Bease. Bease didn’t just part on poor terms, the dude burned bridges, laid waste to the coastline, and peed into the river when he left for Buffalo. He’s not coming back.

But let’s say the Joneses weren’t vindictive billionaires and they were willing to let the football do the talking? Even then this doesn’t make much sense. Beasley is 33-years-old, coming off his lowest offensive snap percentage since 2017, and plays exclusively slot.

The Dallas Cowboys, specifically Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore, don’t like slot-only players. They like to move guys around. This explains why they signed James Washington since he played 33% of his snaps from the slot spot last season.

Beasley hasn’t even returned punts since he was in Dallas so even that’s essentially off his list of offerings at this point. Do the Dallas Cowboys need a veteran WR to add to the roster? Yes. Is Cole Beasley the answer? No.

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The Cowboys painted themselves in a corner by not doing anything earlier. This isn’t a problem we should be dealing with right now, but it is. Signing Cole Beasley also isn’t the answer. Not only would Stephen probably fall over laughing at the idea, but he’s not a clean fit for what Dallas needs