Can the Texas Rangers be Buyers AND Sellers at the trade deadline

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The Texas Rangers are in a precarious position right now. With a 43-52 record, the Rangers are effectively out of the playoff race. There are 10 teams ahead of them in the AL and while there’s plenty of time to turn things back around, the odds are not in the Rangers favor.

With just one week until the MLB Trade Deadline, it’s a good time to accept one’s standing.

A couple weeks ago, we discussed this very moment and outlined why it isn’t quite as clear-cut as the number will have you believe. The Texas Rangers have been essentially tanking the past few seasons as they unloaded contracts and rebuilt their farm. Everyone’s sick of giving up.

There’s a way the Texas Rangers can be both buyers and sellers at the trade deadline this year.

At the end of the day, the Texas Rangers have to do what’s best for the long-term interest of the club. They also don’t want to alienate fans since fans drive the revenue. Finding a happy medium would satisfy (and disappoint) both sides of the coin.

Martin Perez is the Rangers most valuable trade piece. He’s having an All-Star season and is playing on an ultra-cheap deal. A free agent at the end of the season, he’s a rental through and through. This means he’s valuable, but not super duper valuable (technical jargon).

As such, the Texas Rangers should not feel an obligation to deal. If a good offer doesn’t pop up then don’t make a deal. Perez has indicated multiple times he wants to stay in Texas. Clearly he’s comfortable. Put together an extension offer and see if you can lock Perez up for the next couple seasons.

But if a good offer does come around, the Texas Rangers can’t be afraid to do business. And by good deal I mean involve a prospect or two that can help almost immediately. If the Rangers can get young or on the cusp bullpen help in return, it could actually help them in the near future just as much if not more than keeping Perez around.

And all of this assumes Perez is signable long-term. There’s been very little discussions regarding a long-term deal, so what are both sides willing to do?

Texas needs veteran starting pitchers already so it’s understandable that trading Perez is making an issue a real problem. Which is why multiple deals make sense.

There’s a handful of middle infielders that are blocked by the Rangers’ high priced offseason additions. Perhaps one or more can be flipped for pitchers? The point is this doesn’t have to be a clear cut “fold” or “double down” scenario.

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If the Texas Rangers trade a player or two at the deadline, it doesn’t mean they are punting on the season. They can buy and sell because it doesn’t have to be the same transaction. They just need controllable players who throw the ball. If they can get that, the deadline will be successful.