Dallas Cowboys defensive backs standing out early in camp

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You never know what units are going to standout when training camp opens each year in Oxnard. Sometimes it’s the big guys up front. Other times is the pass-catchers making plays. Sometimes it’s pass-rushers and sometimes it none of the above. For the Dallas Cowboys in 2022, it’s the defensive backs.

Since training camp opened this year, the Dallas Cowboys secondary has looked crisp. Coverage breakdowns are few and far between, and even on completions the coverage has been tight and players have been in position.

The Dallas Cowboys secondary looks legit early in training camp this season

We didn’t know what to expect when camp opened. After an offseason of hearing how undisciplined and sloppy Trevon Diggs was, we saw that hate couldn’t be further from the truth. Does Diggs hawk the ball more often than most? Sure, but he’s a lot stickier in coverage than the national media credits him for. In fact, he’s shown a clear improvement over last year indicating the needle is still pointed up on the NFL’s interception king.

Speaking of underrated, Anthony Brown has probably been the best DB in all of camp. Down to down, no one’s been more consistent than Brown and everyone should feel excellent about him manning the CB2 role when the season begins next month.

Jourdan Lewis has been good, as has Nahshon Wright and just about everyone else in the cornerback room. Some of this could be an indictment on the WR corps, given the dearth of talent behind CeeDee Lamb, but good coverage is good coverage and even the coverage on Lamb has been stellar.

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Safety is much of the same. The Dallas Cowboys boast one of their best safety groups they’ve brought to camp in years. Malik Hooker, Jayron Kearse, and Donovan Wilson are all going to be playmakers this season.

Young guys like Tyler Coyle and Markquese Bell are on track to make the team as well. Top to bottom the Cowboys secondary is looking like a talented, tenured, intelligent bunch that is going to keep things tight this season.

We’re learning more and more each year how important it is to have a strong secondary unit in today’s NFL. Top-heavy secondaries are almost useless in a single point failure system such as coverage. All it takes is one weak link to make the perfect performance of everyone else a waste.

If every down is difficult, if every pass is contested, if no obvious weakness can targeted, mistakes will be made by even the best NFL passers.

The Dallas Cowboys will soon partake in some joint practices against some very respectable WR units. If the secondary can hold up, we’ll know this isn’t Fools Gold and can be something this team leans on in 2022.

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Despite the Cowboys issues at WR, this DB group looks legit. A great thing to see early in camp, to be sure.