Dallas Cowboys treating 2022 season as an experiment

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The closer we get to the start of the 2022 regular season the more this looks like one big experiment for the Dallas Cowboys front office. In true throw it against the wall and see what sticks fashion, Dallas Cowboys brass is happily taking a wait and see approach to multiple positions on the roster.

From receiver to offensive tackle to defensive end to center, the Dallas Cowboys are attacking questions with quantity rather than quality. If it works out, they will have struck gold. If not, whelp, it’s only this season.

The Dallas Cowboys are searching for steals this season and gambling the 2022 season to do it

It was clear from the start of the offseason, the Dallas Cowboys were using the 2022 season as a rest of sorts. They cut players, ate dead money, and avoided pricey free agents. Instead of filling roster holes with a proven players, they threw a number of unproven longshots at their problems hoping a couple can work out.

With Michael Gallup on the mend, receiver is a mystery behind CeeDee Lamb. A team that wanted to win-now would have done something about that. Dallas did not and seems perfectly content seeing how it all plays out. If no one steps up, there’s always next season.

With the oft-injured Tyron Smith leading the unit, offensive tackle is a mystery on the team. Terence Steele is the starter opposite but no one knows how his third season is going to go. Training camp has once again highlight his inability to hand power pass-rushers. Behind the starters is a mix of unproven talent that is sure to see action at some point. We hope one or two of these guys step up, but if not there’s always 2023.

Center is an especially tough situation. Tyler Biadasz ended 2021 on a high note but he’s still regarded as average (at best). Dallas brought in a few UDFAs to challenge him but so far that challenge hasn’t materialized. Is Biadasz good enough? We’ll see.

Defensive end is a mystery with Randy Gregory gone. The Cowboys re-signed Dorance Armstrong, drafted Sam Williams, brought in Dante Fowler and even kicked the tires on Takk McKinley. Are any of them the answer at DE? Hopefully . If not, well…you know the rest.

The Dallas Cowboys are hoping one of two players hits big and becomes a long-term answer for them.  And they seem content gambling the season away in order to do it. This could very well pay off in the long run but will most likely come at the cost of this season in order to do that. Not every gamble is going to pay off. In fact, most will not. It’s gambling after all.

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But it’s clear the Cowboys are not trying to maximize their chances in 2022 or else they’d use more of their cap space to find safer solutions. It always was and continues to be about next season