Dallas Cowboys final roster prediction (Post-Denver edition)

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Dallas Cowboys Running Back (3) Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard, Rico Dowdle

Malik Davis looked really good against Denver and camp showed that is no fluke either. If the Dallas Cowboys go four-deep at RB, he’s a lock. But given the issues across the roster and the reliably from Zeke and TP over the years, I don’t think the Cowboys will do that.

Dowdle is a coach’s favorite and special teams tool. He’s also in line to replace TP next season when Pollard hits free agency. But another strong showing or two by Davis may shake things up. This is a close battle to watch going forward…

Tight End (4) Dalton Schultz, Jake Ferguson, Sean McKeon, Peyton Hendershot

Jake Ferguson looks good. Really good. He’s the heir apparent to Schultz at TE1 and he’s going to get the bulk of the TE2 snaps this season. Jeremy Sprinkle is probably the favorite to claim a reserve spot but for the life of me I can’t see why. His floor is low and his ceiling is low. I’m leaving him off.

McKeon and Hendershot have already shown me enough to think they belong on the roster above Sprinkle so I’m going with youth across the board here. Hendershot is a pass-catching weapon and McKeon is blocking specialist. Two guys for two different roles.