5 Dallas Cowboys veterans on the cusp of getting cut

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Potential cuts on the Dallas Cowboys

Carlos Watkins DT/DE

Another player with inside/outside versatility is Carlos Watkins. While Basham is a player who’s an outside player that can move inside, Watkins is a guy who’s an inside player that can move outside. Watkins brings the ability to effectively 2-gap from each spot with him, which is something I think Quinn will do more of in 2022 when he uses more odd-man fronts.

The problem here is Watkins brings next to nothing in the form of pass-rush. He’s a primarily run stopper and the Dallas Cowboys may already have a pair of those guys – thus fulfilling their normal quota.

Like Basham, this isn’t about the player himself, but more the numbers game the Dallas Cowboys have on the D-line. Quinton Bohanna looks like a lock to take that top run-stuffer spot on the roster (not a starting position but rather a role). He’s a second year draft pick who boasts all the desirable qualities Golston has (ceiling, controllability, pay).

John Ridgeway is a similar player in that regard and he brings all the same advantages being a 2022 draft pick. Nevillie Gallimore and Osa Odighizuwa are the likely starters and Golston will likely get most of his snaps inside.

An indicator Watkins has fallen outside the bubble is how late in the game he was used in Denver. To have a vet come out in the second half is not a good sign and a clear indication Watkins is on the block.