Enough Dallas Cowboys Negativity! 5 Reasons for Optimism

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As we approach being 30 years removed from the great Dallas Cowboys dynasty of the early-mid 90’s, you start to see darker clouds looming over the heads of Cowboys Nation.

With the 2022 season approaching, that cloud is apparent and getting bigger. Most of that has to do with questions and concerns for the Dallas Cowboys once great offensive line.

Now, no longer the wall it once was and certainly not the wall it was 27 years ago, many fans are turning cold. The negativity of potential horrors turn the sky from blue and silver to a melancholic grey. And that was before long time Left Tackle Tyron Smith went down with a torn hamstring.

With question marks filling the dreary air at Cowboy’s Headquarters at The Star we should take a second to step back and review some of the positives about this team. After all, it’s definitely not all doom and gloom. Perhaps at one or two or three spots on the roster there’s reason to be concerned, but you may be surprised at how many good things we can find on this team.

It might even change your entire perception of how well this team may do in 2022.

This will be broken down into three sections:

  1. The top 2 biggest reasons to be excited about the 2022 Dallas Cowboys
  2. Offense and Special Teams
  3. Defense

One thing you may already notice is how the offense is coupled with the Special Teams unit. There’s a reason for that. Usually it may be written with ST in with the defense, but this is a new Dallas Cowboys team.

Here’s the top two reasons to be fired up if you bleed Silver and Blue