Dallas Cowboys add Jason Peters and potentially save their season

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When Tyron Smith went down with a serious leg injury, the Dallas Cowboys were standing on the brink of catastrophe. Veteran depth was nonexistent, unproven reserves were not panning out, and the only available option involved moving a rookie from inside to the blind side.

With four of the five offensive line positions under some degree of question this season, the Dallas Cowboys found themselves on the event horizon of failure before the season even began. Not to be gratuitously hyperbolic, but without an acceptable offensive line, the offense would be crippled. Dallas would have to lean on the running game, and in today’s day an age, the passing game is king*

Jason Peters insulates the Dallas Cowboys at LT and potentially saves them from a worst case scenario

*since the Dak and Zeke era began in Dallas, the passing game has been roughly four times more effective than the running game (from an expected points per play perspective)

Whether Jason Peters proves to be insurance or just an insurance policy behind the rookie Tyler Smith remains to be seen. Smith is the LT of the future so if he looks remotely capable you can bet he’ll get the nod. But given the limited reps he’s had in camp, combined with his undisciplined fundamentals from Tulsa, a slow developmental process is certainly possible – if not expected.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t exactly a quick strike West Coast attack, after all. Kellen Moore has elements of the Air Coryell offense written in his DNA. Downfield plays are a staple and for that the Cowboys REQUIRE pass protection.

Looking around the top teams in the NFC East, and the conference in general, strong interior defensive line play is a staple. Dallas can’t expect to win by running between the tackles every series. The passing game will be critical on most early downs and for that they need a player capable of handling himself on the edge.

Jason Peters is that guy.

Peters raises the floor at LT. He insures the Dallas Cowboys will, at the very least, be above average at LT. This will free tight ends to offer support to Terence Steele at RT (who, last seen, is still a below average pass protector) and allow Dak an extra second to look down field.

Even if Tyler Smith hits the ground running and claims the starting spot, Jason Peters offers depth and options to the offensive line should injures occur. While Peters is regarded as a LT-only guy, Smith could always move back to LG should Connor McGovern get hurt.

If Zack Martin (God forbid) gets hurt, McGovern could take RG, Tyler move to LG, and Peters to LT. Whether you like the solution or not, Peters’ existence on the roster offers options and that’s invaluable.

At the end of the day, Jason Peters allows the Cowboys to go deep into their playbook. He offers security on the line and good quality play on the field. He’s over the hill and not always in peak physical shape but given the situation the Cowboys were looking at, who cares?

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