3 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys offense will regress in 2022

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The sky isn’t falling. Hope isn’t lost. And the season isn’t destined for disaster. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent doom and gloom in order to be honest and forthright about the current situation on the Dallas Cowboys offense.

The offense is set to regress in 2022. That’s not a bold or original statement to make, yet all too often, that kind of brutal honesty is met with anger and resentment.

The most optimistic faction of Cowboys Nation tunes it out and goes on the defensive – parroting front office talking points and turning a blind eye to the facts.  They are the yin to the cynical faction’s yang. It helps balance Cowboys Nation, and for that we should all be grateful.

But we don’t need extremes when we look forward to the new season. We’ll save that for those sports (sports?) networks who survive on fact-less hot takes and skip the substance. We’re not here to do that. Today, we’re taking a mature view on the Dallas Cowboys and outlining why we should expect regression on offense.

 The Dallas Cowboys are going to regress on offense in 2022 and that’s perfectly fine to admit.

2021 was a tale of two halves for the Dallas Cowboys. Weeks 1-8 the Cowboys were arguably the top offense in the NFL. Week 9-18 they were in average territory, buoyed by a few big games but a shell of their former selves.

Multiple things led to that decline, and we’ll look at the first one now…