Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Bucs: Position Battle Breakdown

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Many Dallas Cowboys fans will give the edge here to Tom Brady. There shouldn’t be a soul on the planet earth who argues with that choice. His career is beyond any seen in this league.

Just a season ago he finished as the runner up for the NFL MVP while leading the league in touchdown passes with 43. Not only was is the 2nd most of his career, but his 5,316 passing yards were a career high.

Dak Prescott had an impressive season himself. Coming off of a horrid leg injury and battling various other ailments throughout the length of the season, Prescott would go on to set the Dallas Cowboys franchise record for TD passes (37) and a career high completion percentage (68.8%).

There are, however, outside circumstances that could impact player performance. Tom Brady didn’t have his usual off-season. He’s a master of preparation with laser sharp focus, but it’s fair to question how focused he could possibly be. Not to mention more traditional factors.


Wins certainly aren’t a quarterback stat, but no ones performance matters more in wins in the NFL. Dak Prescott certainly performs better at home. Brady doesn’t perform as well on the road. Add in those personal matters Brady is going through that can’t be measured, but would shake any human being.


DAK PRESCOTT – Brady has the history of being the best all the way up to as recent as only a season ago. However, he’s dealing with so much uncharted territory, where as Dak has had to play through poor OL play. Add in the traditional factors and no one should be shocked if Prescott outplays Brady.