Dallas Cowboys need Dak Prescott to be contenders

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There is a lot of hullabaloo around the play of Cooper Rush recently and whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should stick with him as their QB1. The simple answer is absolutely NOT. While Rush has not played in a game the Dallas Cowboys have lost, he has not really done much for the Dallas Cowboys to win. This is an important distinction to make.

The defense has been the primary reason the Cowboys are winning and if the Cowboys want to be considered true contenders, they need Dak Prescott. Remember, wins are not a quarterback statistic, regardless of what you might think or hear.

On offensive efficiency on obvious passing downs, the Cowboys rank dead last in the NFL. Currently, they are tied for second to last in offensive touchdowns, tied for third from last for passing touchdowns, sixth lowest completion percentage, fifth lowest in passing yards, and sixth lowest in passing yards per game.

Simply put, the Cowboys are not throwing the ball well and need Dak to help boost the passing game.

If the Dallas Cowboys are going to be considered serious Super Bowl contenders they need Dak Prescott at quarterback.

I’m sure we will get some responses about the running game carrying the team, so to put that to rest, the Dallas Cowboys sit at twelfth in rushing yards, tied for third worst in rushing touchdowns with three, and are fifteenth in rushing yards per game.

While it has been enough, the offense as a whole has been fairly stagnant. As much as people will not want to hear this, the Dallas Cowboys are winning because of the defense, and really that’s about it.

I’m sure there will be a handful of people out there who will use the first game of the season to pass judgment on the entirety of Dak’s career, but to be frank about it, most of those people still hold a grudge against Romo having to retire, or have other reasons to dislike Dak that are not a part of football.

The fact is Dak has been one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL, the statistics and analytics show this, regardless of what someone’s “eye test” wants to say.

That first game of the year was a bad game for everyone. The starters had not played a snap all preseason, and regardless of what you believe, we have all seen the quality of football change from week one to now across the league.

Since that game, a lot has changed with this Dallas Cowboys team. The defense has gotten better, the offensive line has started to come together, Mike McCarthy has stepped in to help Kellen Moore with playcalling, some injured players have returned, and most importantly, this team believes.

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There is now talk about the Dallas Cowboys being considered as a favorite in the NFC. There is still a long road, and a huge game against the Eagles this weekend could help with the overall picture of this team.

While the defense is carrying the team (yes they need to be a bit better against the run, but they are a good defense), the offense needs to start carrying its weight if and when there is a game the defense isn’t perfect. Cooper Rush has done exactly what you want from your backup quarterback, not cost the Cowboys a game (he has been a little lucky with interceptions dropped).

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While Dak may or may not be back this week, the Cowboys will need him before they get into the playoffs if they want to be considered contenders. Now, we just need Prescott healthy.