Dallas Cowboys: 3 positive takeaways from the loss in Philadelphia

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Dallas Cowboys fans have, rather shockingly, handled the loss to Philadelphia with perspective, restraint, and logic. On paper, the loss to their NFC East rival places the undefeated Eagles in the driver seat and the Cowboys behind the eight ball. But a more nuanced look at the situation shows there were many pros to go with that big and obvious con.

While Philly fans are using this opportunity to dance on what they believe is the Dallas Cowboys grave, Cowboys fans are taking it in stride. The Cowboys weren’t supposed to win on Sunday night. Their 25th ranked offense wasn’t supposed to hang with Philly’s 3rd ranked unit. Curiously, the only people who thought that, seemed to be Philly fans.

Even if the Dallas Cowboys defense played their best, without offensive support they were doomed to defend short fields, after quick turn-arounds, and with little margin for error.  It wasn’t supposed to be as close as it was.

The Dallas Cowboys should come out of their loss against the Eagles feeling good about these three things…

The Dallas Cowboys lost and now essentially sit 2.5 games behind the Eagles in the standings. This loss was undeniably significant. When you look at how easy the schedule is for Philly going forward, the Cowboys’ best chance at making up ground is by Philly beating themselves down the stretch (which is perfectly possible).

Eagles fans have every right to be celebrating in the street right now. Things are going well for them, and as we know, things don’t often go well for them.  So they should enjoy the moment, even if Cowboys fans seem less surprised by this moment than they do.