Dallas Cowboys 4 keys to victory in Week 7 (Dak Prescott Returns)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak PrescottNyg Vs Dal
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak PrescottNyg Vs Dal /
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The Dallas Cowboys four-game winning streak was snapped, but the Cowboys are sitting at 4-2 and in control of their NFL destiny. Cooper Rush stepped in admirably while Dak Prescott was out and helped the team stay afloat.

Dallas split the last two road games against the Rams and Eagles, considered by many to be the toughest part of their schedule. With Dak Prescott returning, hope now runs rampant through the fanbase.

The Dallas Cowboys could not ask for a better state of affairs for their football team.

Throughout the process, they discovered several things about themselves: An offensive blueprint built on the running game that should continue, a defensive unit that is filled with capable playmakers, and an inner mental fortitude that will fight you anywhere under any conditions.

All signs point to their franchise quarterback returning into the fold as the Dallas Cowboys play host to the hapless Detroit Lions. This is the ideal opponent for Dak Prescott to go Stella Payne and get his grove back.

The Dallas Cowboys will control everything in front of them.

Let’s spotlight the keys to victory…

1. Maintain a new identity

The Cowboys must not abandon their new identity just because Dak Prescott is back under center. Why should they? The offensive game plan should remain, but you can expand the playbook because going back to 39 pass attempts is not smart football.

Folks will scream, but John, it’s a passing league. So, what? Like my mother told me when I was a child, just because your friends will jump off a cliff, it doesn’t mean you should.

The Dallas Cowboys can counter those 7 men drop zones that baffled them last year with a power football rushing attack

Stick with what has gotten the team 4 wins, but now the pass plays Cooper Rush could not make Dak Prescott will. The Dallas Cowboys can counter those 7 men drop zones that baffled them last year with a power football rushing attack led by Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard.

Both running backs are vital to the team’s success. The first series of the second half against the Eagles. They came out and pounded them. Do you think the Eagles would load the box against Dallas last week if Prescott was under center? No, they won’t.

The Detroit Lions don’t have the pieces to challenge the Dallas Cowboys’ offense. The Lions have the league’s worst defense, allowing 429 yards and 34 points per game.

Still, The Cowboys shouldn’t let this game produce fool’s gold either. Letting Dak cook is not the key to this season. The last six seasons, Prescott has shown he can win games with his arm.

In 2019, he threw for nearly 5000 yards, but this season he no longer needs to do the heavy lifting for the Dallas Cowboys to win games. The Cowboys have one of the better defensive units. Micah Parsons and crew have shown they can not only carry this team but win games with the defense.

The map to Oz is found and Dallas should continue to follow the yellow brick road that has gotten them to 4-2.