Dallas Mavericks decision making: Questioning the bad, praising the good

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Mavericks are four games into the season, and there is a lot that needs to processed. Some eye catching moments include a 22 point lead fallout to the Phoenix Suns, and a missed game winning attempt against the New Orleans Pelicans. Had things gone different, the Mavs could easily be 4-0 right now.

There is a number of things Dallas could have done better, but at the end of it, everything comes down to decision making.

Today we explore the Dallas Mavericks decision making

So what choices have gone right so far? and which ones could have been improved?

Rightful Decision Making: 

  1. Stabilizing Luka Doncic’s minutes has been a key factor in helping the team be right at .500. Over the past two-three seasons, Doncic has averaged around 34-35 minutes per game. This critical for the Slovenian star, as he is coming off an offseason where he competed in  EuorBasket. By not increasing his workload, it has allowed the three-time all star to get back on track to playing his type of basketball. Currently, he is averaging 34.7 points per game, the third highest in the league. Assuming the team continues to let him play his games, and does not toil with his minutes, then Doncic has a good chance of continuing to be successful this year.
  2. Starting Spencer Dinwiddie has been another great decision by Dallas. In four games as a starter, Dinwiddie has averaged 18 points on 51.3 percent shooting. This is critical, as it has allowed the Mavs’ guard to up his points per game by three points and his three point shooting by 15 percent. If Dinwiddie can can get back to his 2019-2020 self, then this would make Dallas’ decision making even more intelligent.

Wrongful Decision Making: 

  1. Giving Christian Wood more minutes is probably the biggest flop so far. Against the Suns, coach Jason Kidd opted not to go with Wood the final minutes of the game, even when the Mavs’ center was getting hot. Same thing happened on Tuesday, when Kidd subbed Wood out during the final three minutes of the game. As of now, Wood is averaging 26.3 minutes per game, four less than last season. If Dallas can give Wood the time, especially in critical moments, then this would give the team an extra weapon late in games. Learning to play Wood more is a decision Dallas is going to have to learn.
  2. One other decision the team could improve on is giving rookie Jaden Hardy a chance. Over the past four games, Hardy has played in just one game. During that span, he averaged six minutes, while dropping in two points. Not known for his outside shooting, the Dallas’ rookie could be critical in helping the team gain more points in the paint. His ability to drive to the basket, is something that could have helped Dallas in their loss against the Pelicans.

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Making the right choices is hard for an NBA coach, especially when you are trying to repeat last postseason’s performance. However it is still early in the season and coach Kidd has the ability to learn from his decision making.