Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones keeping trade possibility alive

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The Dallas Cowboys won decisively on Sunday afternoon, moving to 6-2 and in the hunt for a playoff spot. With the beatable Eagles sitting as the top team in the conference, the NFC appears to be wide open to a handful of teams.

Sensing the window of opportunity is ajar, Jerry Jones has kept hope alive upgrades are a possibility. He recently admitted to taking calls from sellers in recent days and if the deal is right, the Dallas Cowboys could pull the trigger on a trade before the NFL Trade deadline at 4pm on Tuesday.

Jerry Jones says the Dallas Cowboys could be in the market for an upgrade at the NFL Trade Deadline.

Since the thirstiest team loses on most trade deals, Jerry Jones has been careful not to position the Cowboys as “needy.” They’d rather be the ones taking calls than the ones making calls, and want to give off the appearance they are goo either way and the deal has to be good in order for them to push the button.

Receiver needs are pretty apparent with this roster. While Michael Gallup just had his best performance since his ill-fated knew injury last season, the Cowboys still need another threat opposite CeeDee Lamb. Speed is an issue at WR and if the Cowboys have a chance to add speed, they should because it can alleviate the team’s biggest weakness.

Players like Brandin Cooks or Chase Claypool could add a special dynamic to this offense and open opportunities for others. Turpin hasn’t been a legit threat in the passing game, Noah Brown is a possession player, Jalen Tolbert is an afterthought, and at this point anything James Washington can give you this season should be seen as a bonus — He isn’t someone you want to bank on for anything.

Cornerback and offensive line are other needs in which the Cowboys can look at opportunistically. If the right deal pops up, they will probably pounce.

For as critically as we tend to look at this front office’s actions (actually, lack thereof), playing this close to the vest and not looking needy is the smart play. It keeps the sellers as the initiators and keeps the Dallas Cowboys from looking too thirsty.

Jerry Jones didn’t say a trade was imminent but he didn’t say is wasn’t a possibility either. He gave sellers the impression he’s willing to talk but he’s also happy with what he had in-house.

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