Dallas Cowboys are 6-2 and fans are still dissatisfied?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
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Dallas Cowboys fans dissatisfied

I must admit this is the funniest thing about Dallas Cowboys fans and a typical response for the ones who sit on the “unrealistic” side of the fence.

Fans mad that Rush is not the starting quarterback

This particular fan still believes Romo got a raw deal and Dak is to blame. And because of that, this fan wants Rush as the starter because he won four games in a row and really believes throwing for 100 yards a game is more sustainable than Dak as the starter (This should be a skit on Saturday Night Live).

In their mind, the offense works better because Rush made no mistakes, had a high completion rate, delivered the ball to the right receivers, and Rush is the sole reason Dallas won those four games. These fans do not understand the defense carried the offense, and not the other way around. Because the team was winning, they believed the team was hot and Dak would mess up the offensive rhythm (My Gawd!).

Somehow, they overlooked the bad quarterback play of Rush as an individual performer. 

Regardless of how many facts you give them about Dak being the better quarterback, these fans will argue that Dak only beats up on bad teams, gets carried by Ezekiel Elliott, and only has one playoff win. In other words, this group does not understand the simple basics of football and cannot see the forest for the trees.

You will argue with them until the cows come home.