Dallas Cowboys are 6-2 and fans are still dissatisfied?

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Dallas Cowboys fans dissatisfied

Similar to the Rush vs Dak debate, the only difference is this one makes more sense to debate because you can actually see the difference in each running back and the results of their running styles.

Fans who believe Tony Pollard should be RB1

Firstly, lets congratulate Tony Pollard on having a fantastic year and finally being highlighted as the elusive runner we have known him be. Secondly, Pollard deserves his credit as half of the dynamic duo who single-handedly ran all over the Chicago Bears in a 49-29 beat down.

With that being said, a lot of fans still believe Pollard should start over Zeke because he’s:


2. more apt to break longer runs

3. prone to score at any time the touches the ball

4. more versatile.

Quite frankly, all of the above statements are 100 percent true and there is nothing to debate there. However, that does not mean Pollard should be the starting running back over Zeke. Let me explain in the most simplistic way possible: those are descriptive characteristics of a good running back, something you would find in Pollard’s scouting report.

What gets lost in translation is the maximum workload Pollard can carry-which is around 14 carries a game (this does not include receptions). Against the Bears, Pollard carried the ball 14 times for 131 yards and three touchdowns. After Pollard’s 54-yard touchdown, Pollard told Dallas’ running back’s coach, Skip Peete, I’m done.

Pollard is not capable of toting the rock 20 plus times a game, but Zeke is built that way and more durable. This is one of the reasons why Zeke will remain the starter because he is still effective enough to move the chains. Zeke and Pollard working together creates a scary duo that benefits the offense with play action pass.

Fans must understand now is not the time for Pollard to be RB1. Is Pollard RB1 material. Sure is, but Pollard will always be a part of tandem because that plays more to his talents.

What needs to happen is for both backs to be featured in the backfield at the same time or at least move Pollard to the slot, but that is a conversation fans should discuss versus Pollard being RB1.

Sidebar: Pollard: 506 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. Zeke: 443 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns. With two tight ends that are outstanding blockers, expect Dallas’ offense to continue to use the 12 personnel.