Dallas Cowboys are 6-2 and fans are still dissatisfied?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys fans dissatisfied

Trust me, I feel the angst of fellow Dallas Cowboys fans who are upset that the front office did not make a significant trade to improve the team.

Fans upset Dallas did not make a trade

Yes, its painstaking when you watch well-stacked teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills make notable trades to strengthen their rosters to a Super Bowl caliber level while your beloved team could not capitalize on the same opportunity.

As disappointing as that may be, fans should take solace in knowing Dallas’ front office did trade for Johnathan Hankins as a bona fide run stopper to fix a glaring weakness, and Dallas’ coaching staff is singing the praises of linebacker Damone Clark-a promising player with so much potential. Better yet, what Dallas’ fans should concentrate on is that the NFC is wide open for any team to represent the conference in the Super Bowl.

Because the NFC is more winnable than it has ever been, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones did not feel the much-needed pressure to go out of their way and sign Brandin Cooks, a move they would have made had the NFC competition been much tougher. Further, wideout James Washington will be back to boost Dallas’ receiving corps.

I believe Washington to will be a welcomed addition, but Cooks would have been a true difference maker.

Now, I know someone is thinking “well what if Dallas were to make it to the Super Bowl, would they have enough to beat either Kanas City or Buffalo?” The critics would answer that with a resounding “no,” but we must understand Dallas has Micah Parsons and one of the best defensive front lines in the league (lead the league in sacks), along with a rushing attack that compliments the defense.

Don’t look so far ahead, enjoy each game and cross that bridge when you get there, if you do get there. 

As the season progresses, I expect Dallas’ run defense to get better and for Dak to get back to form as being a top-10 quarterback. Therefore, anything is possible in this league when the bright lights come on, so stop worrying about who, how, what if’s when it comes to Dallas moving forward.