Dallas Cowboys hint at free agents: 3 possibilities on the market

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Cowboys Nation didn’t get the splash they were hoping for at the NFL Trade Deadline but they got the result they were expecting. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t ones to flippantly deal draft picks for players. They’ll do it but it conflicts with their overall roster-building philosophy.

The Dallas Cowboys like saving money so that means they like rookie contracts. Veterans are expensive and if you go short on draft picks, you have to lean on vets to fill out your roster. Hence, the Cowboys love affair with draft picks and compensatory picks.

The Dallas Cowboys have hinted a few times that options are available in free agency and could be setting their sights on some big names

Stephen Jones recently spoke on the subject and didn’t mince words…

Even before the deadline passed, Jerry Jones was speaking of the same possibilities. When pressed whether he was specifically referring to Odell Beckham Jr. Jones replied, “I didn’t say that.” Which brings us to Player No. 1…

Odell Beckham Jr, WR

The hottest name on the market for sometime now, is OBJ. Said to be interested in signing with the Dallas Cowboys, OBJ’s price tag is unknown. We also don’t know if he’s looking for a short-term or long-term deal.

OBJ, 29, can be a polarizing figure in NFL circles. On one hand, you have a immense talent who was playing up to MVP levels before he tore up his knee in the Super Bowl. On the other hand you have a diva-like personality who could potentially damage a locker room or fight a kicking net.

Further complicating matters is the aforementioned injury. Will OBJ be good to go in December? Will he be up to speed by the postseason? Must the Cowboys commit beyond this season?

We got questions but there’s no doubt OBJ could be the answer.

Will Fuller, WR

I’ve been banging this drum since last winter. Why? Because Will Fuller has what this offense severely lacks – deep ball speed.

Fuller, one of the fastest deep ball threats in the NFL, has been a big-play machine since entering the NFL. He’s routinely ranked in the top-5 deep ball efficiency stats and can win on the outside. Sadly, injuries have plagued him considerably and there are questions now if he even wants to keep playing.

At age 28, Fuller is far from over the hill, and if compelled, he could be missing ingredient in the Dallas Cowboys offense. As it currently stands, Dallas is one of (if not THE) slowest WR teams in the NFL. The only active player with speed is a gadget man (Turpin).

Bringing in a speed guy who can play on the outside allows CeeDee Lamb to take more snaps in the slot. Lamb is at his best in the middle and with someone fast stretching the defense on the outside, opportunities will open in the middle for CeeDee.

Sidney Jones, CB

Jones, someone we discussed trading for at the deadline, is a free agent (provided he clears waivers). Jones was buried on Seattle’s depth chart so the Seahawks released him on Tuesday.

Jones isn’t a clear-cut upgrade but he’s cheap and can play outside. He could potentially replace Anthony Brown at CB2 or at the least offer up some depth outside (something Dallas needs). He has a small track record of success last season ranking fifth in forced incompletion percentage and fourth in receiving yards allowed per coverage snap (per PFF), so the potential is there for Jones to revive his career if the situation is right.

At just 26, time is on his side and the risk is minimal.

Will the Dallas Cowboys sign someone? It’s a distinct possibility. The need is there and a few players are available. Something could be coming through the pipeline…