Dallas Mavericks Family Dynamics: What has Gone Right?

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The Dallas Mavericks are 4-3 for the season, and above .500 for the first time this year. However, like any other team, Dallas is far from perfect, as there are plenty of dry spots the team must work on.

Some challenges have included the team’s inability to close out games, since their three losses this season have been by six points or less. Other issues revolve around Christian Wood. At the moment, it seems like coach Jason Kidd is still trying to figure just how much time he wants his new center to play. Wood is averaging 25.8 minutes a game. Still, some individuals believe he should be playing around 30 plus minutes.

But, despite all the struggles the Dallas Mavericks are still one of the best squads in the NBA. No I don’t mean offensively or defensively, but dynamically.

The Dallas Mavericks are building something special

The support each player brings is something that stands out. For example, last night, guard Spencer Dinwiddie offered praise and worship for teammate Dwight Powell. In a post game interview, Dinwiddie spoke highly of how Powell has done an excellent job this season of understanding his role with the team.

One key thing that stood out his dialogue was how he mentioned the respect he has for Powell. It is one thing to rave and speak highly of someone, but to state how you have the uttermost respect for someone can go a long way. Mavs’ fans should  take note on how one player can recognize the superior work ethic of another teammate.

Yet, praise is something that seems to be going around this season. After last night’s win, three-time all-star Luka Doncic offered nothing but support for newcomer Wood.

“He’s an amazing player,” Doncic said. “I told him last game we gotta use him more, and that’s on me. We just gotta feed him the ball more.”

Last week, Wood offered the same support for Doncic. In an interview with Hoops Hype he mentioned how the two of them together could form a “scary team.”

Having a reliable support cast, is something that helped propel Dallas to the Western Conference finals last season. The support the team demonstrated in the playoff last season took pressure off Doncic and allowed him to further trust his teammates to do their own things .

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This season, the Dallas Mavericks are still trying to find its team chemistry. But, with the amount of support the squad demonstrates toward one another, it is a crucial step in the right direction.