Micah Parsons wins All-Pro honors (unofficial) at 2 positions

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Micah Parsons is a transcendent player. He’s re-written the book as a pass-rusher in just his second season and is riding a career trajectory never seen before. He’s the best defensive player in the NFL and the driving force on the Dallas Cowboys dominant defense.

While comparisons to the great Lawrence Taylor are premature and sloppy, it’s the only logical comp one can. Comparing Micah Parsons to LT is insulting to LT’s long-term greatness and impact on the game, but at the same time is insulting to Parsons for advancing the position even more and re-raising the bar so significantly in his short time in the NFL.

It shouldn’t be surprising in the least Micah Parsons’ name landed on a list when The Athletic (subscription required) did their mid-season All Pro vote. What seems a bit surprising is where…

Micah Parsons led All Pro voting at both EDGE rusher and at off-ball linebacker this year.

The Athletic boasts one of the most accomplished and intelligent writing staff’s in journalism so when they get together and vote on something, fans are wise to pay close attention. One of the biggest challenges they faced this year was where to categorize Micah Parsons.

Parsons is listed as a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys but plays predominantly EDGE. His snaps at the line are 347 compared to just 105 as an off-ball ‘backer. Used as Dan Quinn’s key weapon, Parsons will move around from time to time, exploiting match-ups and keeping offensive coordinators guessing. Yet, more often than not, he’s an EDGE player, no matter what the Dallas Cowboys media guide wants to say.

In the All Pro voting, Parsons was curiously listed as a linebacker. Perhaps in an effort to get Myles Garrett and Matthew Judon EDGE honors or perhaps to disguise the depth at ILB on this years list. Either way, the votes don’t lie and Micah Parsons won more votes than any other player at either of these positions.

With 25 votes for EDGE Parsons beat out both Garrett (22) and Judon (16). And with 16 votes at linebacker, Parsons beat out Demario Davis, Fred Warner, and everyone else at ILB.

For the Dallas Cowboys, Parsons was the only player to make the list. Trevon Diggs and Zack Martin fell outside of the top honors despite their stellar seasons. With a half season yet to be played, things can and will change.

Will Micah Parsons continue to dominate votes at two positions? If he stays healthy, I’m not sure what can stop him. Certainly not offensive linemen…

Hot. The workhorse running back is dead in Dallas. light

Micah Parsons is greatness.