Dallas Cowboys will beat Green Bay because of these 4 things

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The sound you hear is the collective anxiety of the Dallas Cowboys fan base known as Cowboys Nation. They believe Aaron Rodgers is Josey Wales. They believe some way he will overcome the odds this Sunday and rip their hearts out again. The mental scars of the past playoff losses are still fresh.

The vast majority of players on the current Dallas Cowboys roster do not share this belief. Several of them were still in high school in 2016. They can’t relate to who Aaron Rodgers was in 2014 or 2016. I am quite certain they couldn’t care less about his past exploits. They are looking to put Rodgers in the trunk.

In 2014, Tony Romo met Aaron Rodgers in a divisional playoff game in Green Bay and lost. The famous Dez Byrant caught it game. Several fans have dubbed it the darkest moment in the franchise’s history.

Note: Those with selective memories seem to forget key elements from that playoff game. The DeMarco Murray fumble which flipped the game. And the Cowboys inability to sack a QB playing on one leg.

In 2016, Dak Prescott faced off against Aaron Rodgers twice and did what Tony Romo never could. He beat him in Green Bay but Rodgers had the last laugh when he unleashed a bullet on what it seemed like 3rd and forever. That led to a game winning field goal in a divisional playoff game at Dallas.

The 2022 Dallas Cowboys are not the 2014 or 2016 teams. They coming to storm Lambeau Field armed with the best pass rushing unit in the NFL. Motivated to secure victory for their beloved head coach Mike McCarthy. They are going to do what Stannis Baratheon failed to do when he stormed the beach at King’s Landing.

Players and coaches have a tendency to say a game against their former team is just another game but I am here to tell you they are all lying. Sunday’s game against the Packers is not just another game. No matter how Coach Mike McCarthy attempts t downplay it. It’s NOT another game.

This Sunday, McCarthy returns to the place he is most famous for squaring off against his former padawan. There has been plenty of whispers that Rodgers is the reason he is no longer in Green Bay. This is not just another game.

The Cowboys and the Packers appear to be heading in opposite directions. Dallas have become the reflection of their head coach, tough, hard nose, playing football with no excuses, and lusting after the ultimate prize.

The Green Bay Packers are lost at sea without a compass. Directionless and waiting for Moby-Dick to end their misery. They won’t meet the mighty white whale this Sunday but they will face off against a Dallas Cowboys team unlike any that Aaron Rodgers has faced before.

These are the four keys to victory for the Dallas Cowboys in Green Bay

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Let’s start with some defense…

1. The Pass Rush

Last Sunday, Aaron Rodgers had all kinds of problems against the Detroit Lions. This Sunday, he will face off against the top pass rushing unit in the NFL. The Cowboys are number one in sacks with 33 and number one in pressure rate at 35.2%. They have 4 players with 4 plus sacks and they will be bringing the heat from every angle.

The Dallas Cowboys pass rush have not been slowed done by any opposing offensive lines. I don’t see that changing this Sunday.

2. Offensive Line

The young tackles for the Cowboys have had their share of recent struggles in dealing with edge rushers in space. I expect a loud and hostile crowd. How will the young OL handle the noise?

I believe the Packers will attempt to confuse them with every snap. This is where Dak Prescott will showcase his worth again.

This will be his first major road game of the season. Keep his young OL settle down, stick to the game plan that got you here, and punish the Packers in the trenches.

3. Health

Last time out, The Cowboys dominated the Bears while resting several key starters and rotation players. That will be 14 days ago come Sunday. The Cowboys are well rested and seeking greater glory than this Sunday afternoon match up.

The Packers resemble a mash unit with a long list of injuries.

4. Motivation

I don’t believe the Dallas Cowboys will overlook the Packers. Far from it. You will hope they don’t try to do too much too soon. Stick with their game plan and continue to find their footing from an offensive standpoint.

This team will be highly motivated to reward their head coach with a revenge game win.

Some games are not complicated to pick. No matter the anxiety level of a football fan base. I watched every game of both teams and this was not hard one to pick. The Cowboys are the superior football in all three phases.

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The Dallas Cowboys will show no mercy against Aaron Rodgers and his Packers. They are going to make John Kreese quite proud and crown Mike McCarthy the King of the North.

Give me Dallas 34-13