Dallas Cowboys add former standout WR with more help on the way

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When the Dallas Cowboys cut Mike Talua from the practice squad, fans knew a move was in the works. You usually don’t cut someone loose unless you have a replacement lined up, and last week the Cowboys worked out a pair of players who could fit the bill.

Most practice squad signing don’t mean much, but given the state of affairs at the WR position in Dallas, this stint on the PS could act as a stepping stone for whoever is the lucky player.

Dallas has been scrambling to fill their WR ranks all year. Noah Brown has struggled to find a connection with Dak Prescott and Jalen Tolbert is struggling just to line up on the right side of the ball.

Antonio Callaway is a blue-chip talent with a lot of baggage. If things go right for him, he could have make a difference on the Dallas Cowboys.

Antonio Callaway isn’t a signing we want to overlook. He’s someone we profiled as a draft prospect and someone who I typically classify as a “knucklehead” prospect – Someone who has off field issues damaging his value.

At Florida, he was a top prospect with first round talent. But issues with substance abuse, credit card fraud, and domestic violence tanked that value and issues have continued to plague Callaway as a pro.

But in 2018, his only first season as a pro and his only full season, he caught 43 ball for 586 yards and five touchdowns. He was an impact player as a rookie and showed why the risk nearly meets the reward.

At just 25-years-old today, Callaway isn’t exactly long in the tooth. He has yet to reach his physical prime and could still have a bright future ahead if he can just pull his head out of his…you know.

Also soon joining the team is WR James Washington. Washington was “pull in case of emergency” signing in free agency. He’s was signed for cheap to protect the Dallas Cowboys if everything went wrong at the WR position.

Injury struck him early in camp and the Dallas Cowboys have seen next to nothing from their insurance policy. Even still, the front office didn’t feel good about their efforts to build a WR corps this season and decided to wait the injury out and return him into the fold December.

Generally regarded as a WR4, Washington has the potential to serve a bigger role in Dallas if the team cannot close the deal on Odell Beckham Jr. Washington and Callaway could be competing over snaps at some point and based on Jalen Tolbert’s level of play (who is the WR5), at the very least they should be able to supplant him.

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If the Dallas Cowboys can add Odell Beckham Jr, James Washington progresses from injury, and Callaway can stay clean, this team could have an much better looking WR corps come December.