Dallas Cowboys 4 keys to victory (Thanksgiving Edition)

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The Dallas Cowboys have set high standards for themselves after a football masterclass of pure domination against the Minnesota Vikings.

This is a short week. The Vikings game is something to build upon. I believe the Dallas Cowboys can raise their game to another level or two.

The time stone known as Tony Pollard is being used to his untapped potential. His explosiveness takes this Dallas Cowboys offense to another dimension.

The Dallas Cowboys’ pass rush has shown no signs of slowing down. They remain the best pass rush defense in the entire NFL. Let me provide context:

  • 30.2% pressure rate (1st)
  • 51% pass-rush win rate (2nd)
  • 42 sacks (all-time)

Oh my.

We’re starting to see signs of the offense we saw in the beginning of last season. Imagine how scary the pass rush will be when playing with a double digit lead.

We did.

When Dallas led by two scores against the Vikings, they unleashed the league’s best pass rush. Micah Parsons and his Myrmidons disfigured Kirk Cousins (13 QB hits, seven sacks). He started to look for the rush and not his weapons. Who could blame him?

I know we will ask questions.

Will the Dallas Cowboys play down to their competition? Will they experience an emotional letdown? Should Mike McCarthy litter the locker room with mouse traps?

They will answer these questions soon enough

Let’s spotlight the keys to victory…

1. Dallas Cowboys Run Defense

The Cowboys were close to playing a perfect game, but the run defense can be better. A lot better. The only edge who has excelled in the run game has been DeMarcus Lawrence.

Delvin Cook was having his share of success against the Dallas’ run defense, just like every running back has this season, but because they game turned into a laughter. He was non factor.

The Cowboys can not allow it to get close.

The New York Giants’ primary weapon, some would say their only weapon, is Saquon Barkley. He looks to be in peak form. Keep him contained and force Daniel Jones to do Daniel Jones things.

Do not allow Saquon Barkley to eat.

2. Dallas Cowboys Focus

Two weeks ago, I predicated a blowout of the Green Bay Packers. Dallas didn’t take them as serious as they should have and blew a prime opportunity. They cannot do this on Turkey day. A victory and they gain ground in the tougher than expected NFC East.

Ten days of rest follow and then the stretch run of the season is next. If the Eagles fall, this is a chance to grab control of the division.

Dallas needs to set the tone early and often like it did this past Sunday.

Stick with what has got you here. Clean football but maintain being a physical football team as well.

The mental mistakes didn’t come into play against the Vikings. Don’t give life to another inferior opponent.

3. Tony Pollard

Tony Pollard has more 20-yard plays than any other running back on the roster.

This past Sunday Pollard handled 5 out of the 8 top offensive splash plays for Dallas. He is letting everyone know he is not Lance Dunbar.

He is bigger, faster, and stronger.

Tony Pollard is the Cowboys’ most explosive player and has been since the day they drafted him. Dating back to 2019, Pollard has been the only Cowboys’ running back to produce three 20-yard explosive plays in a single game. He has done it twice. No other back on the roster has.

The league values explosive play makers. That player for the Dallas Cowboys is Tony Pollard.

There is no more debating this. It is time to shift the usage towards number twenty.

Zeke is the hammer who gets the dirty yards, but Pollard is the nitro that runs the Interceptor.

I still can’t fathom what Dallas was thinking in the playoff game against the 49ers and why he was not the primary focal point of their game plan.

4. Dallas Cowboys Team Health

The whispers of illness surrounds the Cowboys, who have been dealing with injuries. The kind of illness that players are wearing masks, now. He caused Kelvin Joseph to exit Sunday’s game.

Hopefully, no key starters are missing on this upcoming day of thanks.

I expect a more focused Dallas Cowboys team. I trust that they realize you have to be locked in every game. Get the dub and 10 days to rest, heal, and reset

They have an opportunity, but they need to build on what they accomplished in Minnesota.

Glory awaits them.

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