Dallas Cowboys: 5 things to be thankful for this holiday season

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Dallas Cowboys give thanks for…Trevon Diggs

Flying under the radar far too low this season is the brilliant play of Trevon Diggs. After leading the NFL with 11 interceptions last season, Digg was met with a suspicious amount of national criticism in the offseason.

Trevon’s loose style and propensity to play in-phase coverage was difficult for many to grasp, so many decided not to try and to treat Diggs like they would any other typical CB when they grade. The only problem is – Diggs is anything but typical.

The converted WR was recognized as different and treated as different under Nick Saban in Alabama. Saban, a meticulous technician with his secondary, allowed Diggs to play a way no other player was afforded. The Dallas Cowboys wisely took their cue from that and have focused on nurturing his natural instincts and making Diggs his own version of “generational” instead to making him something he’s not.

While Trevon’s INTs are down this season, his film is elite. Diggs has shored up many of his mistakes from last year and still puts himself in position to hawk the ball. He’s had enough almost-picks that the Cowboys know it’s only a matter of time before the numbers start rolling in.

What makes Diggs so valuable this season is what’s going on around him. Anthony Brown is having arguably his worst year as a pro. Jourdan Lewis is out for the season. And both Kelvin Joseph and Nahshon Wright have failed to develop into viable options.

Trevon Diggs is the one reliable piece in the Dallas Cowboys cornerback room this season and that kind cornerstone presence cannot be understated. To add to his value, Diggs has shown a willingness and aptitude to travel (not just play one side of the field) when asked to do so. Not many top-end CBs travel in the NFL these days – especially those who stand 6-foot-2 with an upright posture. Tall cover players are at a disadvantage inside and many outright refuse to do it.

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys are blessed to have someone who produces at an elite level and lusts after the big play, but is still willing and able to do whatever he’s asked to do, for the good of the team.