Dallas Cowboys: 5 things to be thankful for this holiday season

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Dallas Cowboys give thanks for…the offensive line

Somehow this crap worked out. The Dallas Cowboys acted flat-out negligent towards their offensive line this past offseason:

  • They cut La’Collins (who at the very least could have provided top-tier depth to the OT position) and ignored replacement options in offseason free agency.
  • They let Connor Williams leave (who was regarded as an average-level NFL guard and is now playing Pro Bowl caliber center) and ignored replacement options in offseason free agency.
  • They put all their eggs in Terence Steele’s basket at RT (who was great run-blocker but certifiably poor pass protector) and ignored replacement options in offseason free agency..
  • They banked on Tyron Smith to stay healthy for the first time since the Obama administration and even thinned out the veteran depth behind him.
  • They hoped after three seasons of subpar play at center, Tyler Biadasz would suddenly develop to be a decent center.
  • They hoped Connor McGovern (after three years of below average play) could provide insurance across the interior.
  • And they prayed the rookie Tyler Smith wouldn’t have to play LT since they gave him zero snaps at the position in training camp.

As we all know, things didn’t work out as they hoped, but things had a way of working out nonetheless. They gambled across the line and came out looking like accidental geniuses. Biadasz and Steele have both progressed in a big way. The rookie Smith has survived his on-the-job training at LT. McGovern has been serviceable. And replacement depth for Collins was found at a discounted rate in Jason Peters in the preseason.

To make things even better on the offensive line? The Dallas Cowboys are about to welcome Tyron Smith back into the fold and be all the stronger for it. As we discuss in the article below, the Dallas Cowboys are about to improve on the O-line and seem to be taking the necessary steps to get the best-five on the field.

We need to all appreciate what kind of odds the Cowboys bucked, what hurdles were cleared, what fortune was found, for this offensive line to be in their situation today. We give thanks 100x over.

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Missing the cut on this list were contributions made by the TE room, progression made from CeeDee Lamb, the awesomeness of Brett Maher, and the play of Dak Prescott. For the sake of time and space we left them off, but all of those entities will have a chance to earn kudos on the back-end of the season.

For now, don’t view this as a slight them, view it as for special appreciation for the ones who made the cut.