5 Dallas Cowboys who need a much stronger December

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The Dallas Cowboys have nothing to complain about this season. If you would have told any of us that back in Week 2, standing 0-1 with Dak Prescott sidelined for six weeks, that Dallas would be 8-3 at this point, none of us (in our right minds) would have believed you.

But here we stand, entering the month of December, fielding what is possibly the most complete football team in the country and as such, FiveThirtyEight’s second most likely team to win the Super Bowl.

For the Dallas Cowboys to reach their full potential and charge into the playoffs playing their best, they will need strong months from these five players

Obviously the Cowboys need guys like Dak, Micah, D-Law, Trevon, and Pollard all playing their best to have hope going into the postseason. They’re the reason we’re this far so they are integral going forward as well.

Today we’re focusing on guys who still have more to give. Guys who might not be coming off their best stretch and guys who can give Dallas a much needed boost.

Anthony Brown, CB

Throughout his career, Anthony Brown has been a chronically underrated player. The former sixth round pick out of Purdue has been an overachiever from the jump. Drafted to be a slot player, Brown has proven he can play the boundary and the slot with equal efficiency.

But this season has been a stark contrast to his usually solid level of play. Whether it’s injury or confidence is unknown, but Brown has struggled in multiple facets of the game and his 4.3 speed has been as absent as his tracking skills.

Anyone playing opposite Trevon Diggs is going to be targeted heavily so it’s imperative Brown steps up his game. With Jourdan Lewis on IR, options behind Brown are nonexistent so the weight of the boundary falls solely on the 28-year-old Brown.