Dallas Cowboys have 2 massive upgrades on the way

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Great news, Dallas Cowboys fans – upgrades are on the way! At a time of the year when injuries typically pile up and teams are getting weaker rather than stronger, the Cowboys have a chance to improve their roster just in time for their final stretch of the regular season.

The primary upgrade the Cowboys are getting this month is future Hall of Famer, Tyron Smith. As you may remember, Smith fell to a nasty hamstring tear two weeks before the season opener. The 31-year-old left tackle joins the 9-3 Cowboys at a time they could certainly use his expertise.

While the Dallas Cowboys offensive line has performed admirably overall this season, they’ve been pretty terrible in pass protection. In fact, the 2022 Dallas Cowboys rank dead last in Next Gen Stat’s pass block win rate.

Tyron Smith, one of the NFL’s best pass protectors, isn’t what he used to be, but he’s still regarded as a high level tackle and a clear upgrade at left tackle over the rookie Tyler Smith. Tyron’s addition won’t fix all of the pass protections problems, but it will allow Kellen Moore to shift more resources to the right side to help Terence Steele.

The Dallas Cowboys expect a boost with Tyron Smith reclaiming the left tackle spot and Tyler Smith returning to upgrade the left guard spot.

The other big upgrade the Dallas Cowboys can expect is Tyler Smith at left guard. Connor McGovern is enjoying his best season as a pro, here in the Year of our Lord, 2022. But he’s not exactly a dominant fixture or part of the Dallas Cowboys future. Tyler Smith can be both of those things for Dallas.

While Tyler bumping Connor is far from a guarantee, it’s pretty darn likely. Tyler is stronger, more athletic, and has a higher potential than McGovern. Tyler also figures into the Cowboys future more than his free-agent to-be counterpart.

The Tyron-Tyler duo on the left might not pack the same wallop as the Zack Martin-Terence Steele pair on the right, but it sure could be close. Such a move also shifts McGovern back to his reserve lineman role he thrived in last year.

As you may remember, Connor McGovern was quite the weapon used as Kellen Moore’s specialty fullback, tight end, and sixth linemen. He would boost the Dallas Cowboys short yardage offense back to elite levels and provide insurance across the interior (whereas Tyler Smith can only play the left side).

Odell Beckham Jr? Perhaps, but let’s focus on the upgrades we know are in the works and that’s Tyron Smith and Tyler Smith back to their original 2022 positions on the offensive line.

When exactly Tyron Smith comes back and initiates the shift, remains to be seen. The Dallas Cowboys just opened Tyron’s window so they have 21 days to activate him to the active roster. By all accounts, he’s on track to hit all the goals and should be in fold before we know it.

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At a time when most injury news is bad news, the Dallas Cowboys get the fantastic news that two upgrades to their offensive line are on the way. One from IR and another because of a position shift.