Dallas Cowboys questions heading into week 14 against Texans

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The Dallas Cowboys have not lost a home game since the season opener. I don’t see that changing this Sunday afternoon.

The Dallas Cowboys offense and defense are both operating at a high level. They are a legit Super Bowl contenders heading into week 14 of the regular season.

This is the final full month of meaningful regular season football for the Dallas Cowboys until the post season begins.

The Dallas Cowboys will be heavy favorites in this latest battle in the Lone Star State as the Houston Texans come to visit.

This is a classic tale of two teams heading in opposite directions. The Cowboys are trying to make history. The Texans are already scheduling their fishing trips for January.

This Sunday afternoon game is the perfect situation for Dallas to address some things about their roster.

As for the match-up itself. The Cowboys need to be themselves. This is a simple game to pick the winner. I can envision another the Cowboys dropping another 50 piece.

Instead, this week, let’s shift our focus.

There are some questions to answer. So, let’s explore them.

1. Kelvin Joseph

When Anthony Brown went down from a major injury, the Cowboys fan base reaction was strange. Even though he is a solid corner, Brown has never been beloved.

Good character guy, dependable, professional, and a leader. Trevon Digg declaring him a big brother.

In retrospect, it appears the fan reaction is more about the player replacing Anthony Brown than Brown himself.

The former Kentucky player has received the most negative backlash on the roster. From Cowboys Twitter to the local media, they have all been super critical of Joseph. There are valid and not valid reasons.

In the 2021 NFL draft, a rich class of cornerbacks. The whispers were clear. Dallas was interested in CB in the first round. But the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Dallas lost out on the top two cornerback prospects in Patrick Surtain and Jaycee Horn. The Cowboys were not on the clock when they were selected.

So, onto Plan B, then. Dallas traded back, picked up a third-rounder for their trouble, and selected Penn State’s Micah Parsons to play linebacker. No one is upset about it., now.

Cornerback was a position of need. I will assume the Cowboys had hopes that a few of the remaining high graded prospects would somehow slide into the second round. It wouldn’t be the same as how Trevon Diggs fell to them.

Because Caleb Farley (No. 22 to Tennessee), Greg Newsome (No. 26 to Cleveland), Eric Stokes (No. 29 to Green Bay), and Tyson Campbell (No. 33 to Jacksonville) would all be selected in the first round.

This left Dallas to target the best remaining corner. They took Kelvin Joseph at 44 in the second round, which was 7 slots higher than Diggs at 51.

I had no problem with the selection. I felt and still feel Joseph is as talented as any corner in his draft class.

He is a competitive player with a fiery edge. The mentality and speed are there.

Joseph can play press coverage and zone. He can be grabby in man coverage, but I believe he thrives in zone. He can see the action in front of him.

This past Sunday, Joseph nearly picked off a pass that he jumped.  Opposing teams will be coming after him each week until he proves he can make them pay for testing him.

I will admit. I was guilty of being too critical of him. The opportunity is banging at the door. Opposing teams will come after him just like Matt Ryan did last Sunday.

I believe not only will he hold up fine, but that he will thrive.

2. James Washington

Lost in the Odell Beckman talk has been James Washington. Is he the equal of a healthy Odell Beckman? No, but unlike Beckman. Washington has been healthier the past 4 years.

His distractors will point to his 2021season with the Steelers, while overlooking the fact that Ben Roethlisberger was a shadow of himself.

I believe he can help Dallas as the 3rd WR–he possesses good long speed, he will attack the football at its highest point, and plays bigger than his size.

His best year was in 2019, when he had 44 catches, 735 yards, and his career high of 16.7 yard per catch.

The Dallas Cowboys could use a proven veteran wide receiver to pair with CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup. Washington has made his share of plays in the league. Dallas, like most teams, want to run 11 personnel.

Last season with Amari Cooper, Dallas ran 11 personnel, 62 percent of the time. This season they do not have Amari Cooper.

The Dallas Cowboys want to roll out their three-headed WR grouping and apply pressure on the opposing defense. Therefore, they have flirted with Odell Beckman. Noah Brown for all of his strides this season is not a coverage magnet.

All signs point to Washington making his season debut this Sunday. Perfect game for the coaching staff to work him back into the mix.

Washington needs to have a simple mindset. Build a rapport with Dak Prescott and, when his number is called, make plays.

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Let’s see what happens on Sunday.