Dallas Cowboys: Nahshon is the “Wright” answer at CB2

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The Kelvin Joseph experiment is over. It has to be over, right? After giving up back-to-back ugly touchdowns to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dallas Cowboys struggling second year cornerback was replaced by…Nahshon Wight, another struggling second year cornerback.

Wright came in to relieve Kelvin Joseph at CB2 in the second half and provided emergency triage to the festering wound that was the Dallas Cowboys defense. Wright didn’t drop jaws in either direction, which one could say is a good thing given what Kelvin Joseph had been producing this season. The bleeding stopped, at least on the boundary, and a solution may have been found for the rest of the season.

The Dallas Cowboys have little choice and now must lean on second year player Nahshon Wright to man CB2

To say Nahshon Wright is the answer at CB2, may be a bit presumptuous since we haven’t seen much of him as a pro. Previously relegated to gameday inactive status, Wright has seen an increased role on Special Teams, amidst a windfall of injuries to the CB position.

Jourdan Lewis and Anthony Brown, both out with season ending injuries, opened the door on defense for the Cowboys young bucks. Joseph was given first crack at it and produced burnt toast that even my grandfather couldn’t stomach. Now it appears Wright is getting his shot at CB2.

Is he the answer?

We’ll see. I broke down his action last season and walked away impressed. That said, I also liked KJ last season and he followed it up this year by being a shell of his former self. The good news is Wright came in on Sunday and looked good. KJ NEVER looked good this season and seemed to be suffering from confidence issues ever since training camp.

Is Nahshon the “Wright” answer? He’s certainly the less wrong answer and that’s more than what we have with Kelvin Joseph, isn’t it?

In baseball, KJ would be sent down a level or three and be given an extended “reset”. Given what we saw from him this year, I’d probably rather throw a bag of sand onto the field than call KJs number again. Hopefully an offseason of work can salvage his Cowboys career but the his chance this season is gone and the time for Nahshon Wright is now.

Is Nahshon the “Wright” answer? He’s certainly the less wrong answer and that’s more than what we have with Kelvin Joseph, isn’t it?

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This is not the time to be experimenting with players in the secondary but sticking with KJ clearly isn’t the answer.