Dallas Cowboys: When do we talk about Joe Philbin?

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The Dallas Cowboys are heading to the playoffs, so this may not be the best time to talk about offensive line coach Joe Philbin. However, it always seems like we only talk about him when the team loses (much like every coach and player), so perhaps we should have that conversation.

We here at SportDFW and many others, have discussed these offensive line issues in pass blocking this season. But we had a similar discussion last season about the offensive line. In other words, it’s an ongoing issue that needs our attention.

Now before we get into the full discussion, I will give credit where it is due, the offensive line is really good at run blocking. For a team that had some smaller issues last year there, has shown improvement this season. But the question asked is, “At what cost?”

It is time we continue the discussion about Joe Philbin and his work with the Dallas Cowboys offensive line.

I think it is pretty well known by now that the 2022 Dallas Cowboys have ranked in the bottom two of pass block win rate. Going back to 2021, the Cowboys ranked 22nd in the league in the same stat. In 2020, the Cowboys were ranked 26th. I could continue, but I hope you get the point. So while they have slowly improved in run blocking, the pass blocking has been getting worse.

It could be time to move on from Philbin, and while that won’t happen until the offseason, health will have to be the hope of the line for the rest of the season. If Philbin should move on after the season, the name most want to see is Marc Colombo. Colombo was the offensive line coach for the Giants until 2020 and has not coached since, but he’s still highly regarded.

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There are other names out there, but whether they move on from Philbin or not, remains to be seen. If the line is a part of the reason for an early exit from the playoffs, it could happen.

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The front office wants to be a run-first style team and Philbin has been able to show that. The discussion may not be the right time, but it is going to be a time sooner than later so we might as well be ready for it.