5 Dallas Cowboys starters likely playing their last game in Dallas

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Dallas Cowboys on the way out: Ezekiel Elliott/Tony Pollard, RB

This may be the question of the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys: What will the running back position look like in Dallas next season?

Ezekiel Elliott is a fan favorite, franchise favorite, and teammate favorite. He’s also starting the tail end of a terrible contract at a time when just about everyone in the NFL knows running backs are rarely worth top-end money.

The Dallas Cowboys could have adjusted Zeke’s contract to free up money last offseason but they did not. Doing so would have made his contract less flexible in 2023 and him harder to cut so they clearly are planning to do something other than ride the deal out.

Tony Pollard, Zeke’s running mate, is set to hit free agency which further complicates matters. Pollard has been arguably the offensive MVP for Dallas this season and one of the biggest playmakers in the NFL. He’s going to have a hefty market in free agency and I’m not entirely sure the Cowboys an afford to retain him, regardless of what they do with Zeke.

At the same time, Pollard is both better and younger than Zeke, so it wouldn’t make much sense to keep Zeke and let Pollard walk, now would it?

The Dallas Cowboys likely know exactly what they’re going to do but they’re playing it close to the vest so all we can do is guess. I can’t see both players leaving (although a case could be made they both should) but also can’t see both staying.

So which one goes?