Dallas Cowboys: 3 issues to address or history is destined to repeat

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Those duuuurn Dallas Cowboys interceptions…

For all of the naysayers and doubters out there (Dallas has so many), Dak Prescott is a really good quarterback who happens to overcome so many obstacles that is out of his control to win a simple game.

From a meddling owner -who believes he is a geriatric rock star- to an offensive coordinator that needs supervision, Dak literally is carrying this team on his back this season. His stats will not reflect that because the media only reports what will generate ratings, not the whole story that will vindicate Dak from the mediocrity that surrounds him like quicksand.

Firstly, I will objectively admit that Dak has too many interceptions. He even stated some were from him being too greedy and that he needs to be more careful with the ball. Leaders like Dak fall on the sword and take the blame when they know the real truth. But most of Dak interceptions are not his fault and are more at the hands (pun intended) of his wide receivers.

Dak has 11 interceptions in nine games. Dallas is averaging 35.5 points per game, third down conversion is 56.1 percent, and is one of the best in the red zone with Dak under center. With all of that offensive success, the offensive line has not been as efficient by allowing 10 sacks since he return.

As you can see, this is a conundrum because Dak is vastly overachieving with these issues:

1.     One true WR#1 with no help; Dallas’ wideouts rank 32nd in getting separation

2.     An offensive line that is bottom in the league in PBWR (pass block win rate)

3.     Inconsistent /unpredictable play caller

4.     Coaching staff lacking situational awareness

Hey, do not look at me like that. I am only the messenger delivering the news.

But most of Dak’s interceptions are a byproduct of the wide receivers and the plays drawn up by Moore. Let us talk about this in earnest. CeeDee Lamb is WR1 and has come into his own this season, but Lamb is doing it on his own with no legitimate help from a WR#2.

I must clarify. To Noah Brown’s credit, he has stepped up into the WR#2 role and did an excellent job with the opportunities presented to him, like his two-touchdown game against the Jags. Brown has a career high in receptions (40), yards (533), touchdowns (3), targets (62), and yards per reception (13.3).

But despite his best efforts and improvements, Brown is NOT a WR#2 who Dak can lean on in crucial times as evidenced by both dropped passes late in the game that led to an unfortunate loss. True, Dallas never should have called a deep pass play to seal the game, but the ball was in Brown’s hands, and he failed to bring it in, similar to the tip ball that was laid perfectly in his breadbasket.

Sidebar: According to PFF, Dak is tied for the most interceptions (which is 6) on plays that were not considered turnover-worthy plays. In laymen terms, those six interceptions were NOT Dak’s fault. Take away those six turnovers, and Dak ONLY has five turnovers since week 7. My Gawd!