Dallas Stars overtime issues are a growing problem

(16) Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
(16) Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Stars are over a third of the way through the season and in first place in the Central Division. With 44 points, they currently sit one point up on the Winnipeg Jets in the division. Currently they are second in the conference as well.

Only the Vegas Golden Knights have more points in the Western Conference.

Should the Dallas Stars be concerned with overtime?

The Dallas Stars have gone past extra time at a rate of one every four games. Eight of their 33 games have ended in overtime. The concerning part isn’t necessarily the overtime games. I mean you get a point for going to overtime.

The problem is you get two points for winning the game. Ok, so that’s not the problem. What I mean is the Stars have only gotten two extra points in those eight games. This means they have left 12 points out there that they didn’t get.

Take Winnipeg, on the other hand. Currently sitting one point behind the Stars in the standings. They’ve also played in eight overtime games. The difference? They’ve won seven of their overtime games. Their only overtime loss was at Vegas early in the season.

The Vegas Golden Knights are in first place in the conference. Having played in seven overtime games, Vegas has won all but one of those games. The LA Kings have played in 10 games and they’ve won five of them.

Like I said earlier, the Dallas Stars are finding ways to get to overtime and get that point. Once again that isn’t the problem. The problem is the fact that they aren’t finding a way to win the game past 60 minutes.

If the Stars can keep the pace they’re at now, they will find themselves in the playoffs. However, if they keep this pace they may find themselves out of the playoffs just as fast. Often times, playoff series come down to winning games in overtime.

I know its hard to compare the two since regular season overtime is three on three while playoffs are five on five. Also, the regular season is only five minutes and then a shootout. Playoff overtime keeps going until there is a winner.

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Regardless the patterns are disturbing. Regular season hockey prepares a team for the post season. That includes learning how to win the close games. The Stars have done a good job at winning games. They just need to start winning in overtime.