Dallas Cowboys eagerly await Tyler Biadasz’s return

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On the last play of the third quarter, the Dallas Cowboys suffered an injury that impacted not just one, not two, but three positions on the offensive line. In what many see as downgrades across the board, Tyler Biadasz’s high ankle sprain had damaging effects on the Dallas O-line.

When Biadasz exited, Cowboys O-line coach, Joe Philbin, initiated his contingency plan: Slide LG Connor McGovern to center, slide LT Tyler Smith to LG, insert reserve tackle Jason Peters at LT.

Tyler Biadasz’s injury has trickledown effects across the Dallas Cowboys offensive line

On paper the Philbin contingency plan makes sense. Peters is a career left tackle, McGovern has experience at Penn State playing center, and Smith practiced LG exclusively throughout training camp. Despite the experience each player brought to his new position, the results were less than awesome.

Jason Peters looked slightly better at LT than he has at LF and RT this season but he still felt short of what Tyler Smith was offering in both phases of the game. Tyler Smith looked hesitant and slow at LG and despite being a physical upgrade over the man replaced, his play was a clear downgrade overall. Even the center position was tough to replicate given Biadasz’s career season he was having up until his injury.

Cowboys Nation breathed a sigh of relief when Biadasz exited the locker room in a walking boot. The foot accessory indicated it was NOT a knee injury everyone feared and indicated he MIGHT be able to return this season.

MRI’s confirmed it was a high ankle sprain for Biadasz and the Dallas Cowboys starting center would likely be cleared to return at some point in the New Year. When, exactly, is the question at hand.

First reports say the injury is not on the serious side that can take north of six weeks to bounce back from, but then again, the Dallas Cowboys injury updates have been notoriously untrustworthy (see also Dak Prescott thumb injury).

But a return of Biadasz to the Dallas Cowboys cannot be understated given his ability to reset the depth chart which ultimately upgrades three-fifths of the offensive line.

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The Dallas Cowboys will have another week to experiment with their contingency rotation. With more reps and more recent preparation, an increase in play quality is expected. But there’s nothing like Plan A and for that, we patiently wait…