Cowboys: 4 Defensive Coordinator replacements if Dan Quinn leaves

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Last offseason, the Denver Broncos made the questionable hire in bringing aboard Packers offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett. Most Cowboys fans had accepted the foregone conclusion that Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn was heading to the mountains for a new head coach position.

Well, fast forward, and the Broncos have relieved Hackett of his duties and are back on the market for a new head guy. According to, the Broncos have shown interest in former Saints head coach, Sean Payton. Obviously, that head coaching acquisition will come with a hefty price depending on what the Saints want in return.

The Broncos may make the wiser and possibly cheaper choice with the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn. USA today posted an article describing the connection between Dan and current Broncos General Manager George Patton.

While connections like these don’t always show a team’s hand, Cowboy fans should be prepared for the realization that Dan Quinn may exit stage right at the end of their playoff run.

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The question becomes – If the Cowboys lose Mr. Quinn, who would be the next suitable candidate to lead this talented defense.

Here’s a few options: